Rescue dogs in wheelchairs frolic on beach in Morocco

Even disabled dogs just want to have fun.

SFT Animal Sanctuary in Tangier, Morocco recently posted some amazing videos of its rescued dogs running on the beach.

Each and every one in a wheelchair. But it didn’t slow them down.

“We need all the help we can get to make Tangier the role model city where humans and animals live in harmony,” the sanctuary posted on Instagram along with its carefree videos. “Every life is precious. That’s the message we keep spreading.”


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Exercising early this morning with the babies and trying not to get run over by my babies.

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The animal rescue group was founded by Salima (Sally) Kadaoui.

Raised in Tangier, Kadaoui was always distressed by the local stray population and wanted to do something to help. In 2013, she opened her doors and began vaccinating, treating and neutering strays.

The need was huge.

Then, she moved to a larger space outside the city and is home to more than 600 animals, which she says otherwise would have been killed.

“These include 15 very happy disabled dogs scooting about on wheels, many dogs and cats who have amputated limbs and so many more with ongoing expensive medical conditions,” her website explains. “But to us, every life is precious.”

The organization feeds 2,000 animals a day.

Those include the ones at the sanctuary, others strays and those living with poor families.


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Please donate. These precious babies rely 100% on you. Love from all the babies xxx

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Taking care of so many animals doesn’t come cheaply.

The facility lives off donations.

That way dogs can be dogs.


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Sahara pinching my flip flop yesterday on the beach…. 😂

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