Rescue German Shepherd Haus saves girl from rattlesnake attack, get bitten three times

A two-year-old German Shepherd name Haus is being credited with saving the life of a little girl whose family saved Haus after rescuing him from a shelter.

The Deluca family had recently lost their beloved dog Bailey and the whole family including Donya and Adam’s two children, 7-year-old Molly and 4-year -old Joey, have fallen in love with Haus.

He is loving, loyal and has become very protective of the children.Haus2

Last week, while Molly and Haus were outside in the Deluca’s fenced in backyard playing, a rattlesnake approached.

Haus was bitten three times by what turned out to be an extremely venomous Eastern Diamondback. The family believes Haus was protecting Molly, because he did not back away keeping himself between the snake and away from Molly.

The vet treatment has been extremely expensive. He’s been given multiple vials of anti-venom. The vet bills are already at $10,000 and the treatment is not finished.Haus3

While Haus’ vitals are strong, his organs are functioning and if they can afford enough anti-venom he will recover with no ill-effects. A GoFundMe account has raised more than $54,000 and the family is asking for donations to be redirected to help others dogs in shelters.

The family wrote this:

PLEASE Stop and read before you donate!!!!!!!*****Update – we are blown away by the response in the past day! We cannot thank you enough for your support! PLEASE – we feel we have plenty to care for Haus’s needs; if that were to change we will let you know. Please INSTEAD of donating here donate to Heidi’s Legacy Rescue – others can find their own Haus. You can even do it in his name. We don’t want to take this page down so you can see the story. Any monies above his medical bills will go to Heidis Legacy Rescue and other charities.


h/t: GoFundMe

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