Rescued! Coyote with container stuck on head finally caught

The first report of a coyote with a container stuck on its head came in a week ago.

It was Nov. 5 when when Oakville & Milton Humane Society was alerted to the coyote in distress. Then, over the weekend, a photo of the helpless animal was posted on social media after being spotted in Bronte Creek Provincial Park.

It’s a heartbreaking image.

But late Monday night, the coyote was finally caught — to the relief of wildlife officials and people everywhere following the story.

“The object that was stuck on the coyote’s head appeared to be a large potato chip or candy container. The plastic container was safely removed from the coyote’s head, who appeared alert, but dehydrated,” the humane society announced Tuesday.

This was one very lucky coyote.

The animal was found near Bronte Road, north of Speers Road.

“We would like to thank the public for their tips that helped us eventually find and safely rescue the coyote,” the humane society added.

After the container was removed, the female coyote was taken to Hobbitstee Wildlife Refuge for examination, treatment, and ideally, eventual release back to the wild.

“She is doing ok,” the refuge posted on Facebook. “She is reasonable shape and ate a modest breakfast.”

By Wednesday there was even better news — and the coyote is expected to fully recover.

Photos Oakville & Milton Humane Society/Facebook

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