Rescued! Pair of elk trapped in hay stack in northern British Columbia

Oh, hay!

Two elk are lucky to survive what they must have thought at first was an easy meal.

Instead, on Thursday wildlife officers pulled the animals from a collapsed haystack in Smithers, B.C., which is about 675 kilometres north of Vancouver.

“The unsuspecting farmer noticed something sticking out of his lopsided haystack and called the #RAPP line,” the B.C. Conservation Officer Service posted on social media.

This is what officers saw when they arrived.

At first, wildlife officers thought it was just one trapped elk. BCCOS/Twitter

There was an almost completely covered elk — and something unexpected.

“As they helped direct the farmer with his tractor to remove the hay, to their surprise a second elk was discovered completely buried!,” wildlife officers explained.

Trapped! BCCOS/Twitter

It’s not clear how long they were trapped for.

But conservation officers do have a theory about how the animals got into a jam.

“CO’s suspect the elk had been eating the haystack from one side, and it eventually tipped over on them,” the conservation officer service explained.

Both were freed and walked from the site.

Conservation officers went back to the farm on Friday. The animals were long gone.

“Thanks to an observant farmer,” they added. “This story had a happy ending!”

Photos BCCOS/Twitter

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