How rich is Grumpy Cat? Conflicting reports means she’s super rich

Grumpy Cat, we now learn, is a big business. Like huge.

She has her own lawyers, her own representative (who calls himself a meme manager) and even her own security guard to keep fans from getting too close to her during public appearances.

Grumpy Cat became a Internet star, albeit a cranky one, last year when her photo was posted online.

Here are the stats: Grumpy Cat has 116,000 followers on Twitter and 1.6 million friends on Facebook, plus over 7 million likes.

She is the star of DVDs, has recorded an official soundtrack, makes guest appearances, issued limited edition cards, and even earned herself a lifetime achievement award.

All that for a sour puss puss.

And all that brings in lots of dough for someone.

One report suggests Grumpy Cat made nearly $99 million over the last two years, which as the Daily Telegraph in its article points out, was more than the paltry $19 million US made by Gwyneth Paltrow or the mere $42 million raked in by the world’s top soccer player Christiano Ronaldo.

Grumpy Cat’s owner Tabatha Bundesen told the Huffington Post that the figure is “completely inaccurate.”

But she did not specify exactly how much Grumpy Cat is worth which means it’s probably a lot of moolah.

And here’s a video that will make you question why you’re at work and not trying to make your cat/dog/bird/lizard Dopey, Sleepy, Bitter or Morose so you too can be mega-rich.

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