RIP Roger: Australia’s giant, famously muscled kangaroo is dead at age 12

Roger was known for his impressive size and strength.

The kangaroo stood 2 metres tall (6-foot-7) and weighed 89 kilograms (almost 200 pounds). Roger could crush a bucket like it was pop can. He’d stare anyone down until they retreat.

Not too shabby for a roo rescued as a joey after his mother was hit and killed by a car.

“It’s a very sad day here today,” Chris ‘Brolga’ Barns, announced on Facebook over the weekend. “We’ve lost our beautiful boy, Roger. Roger has passed away. He was 12-years-old.”

Barns is founder of The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs, where Roger spent his life.

Roger crushed this bucket. The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs/Facebook

Barns established a facility a decade ago for orphaned roos.

And specifically to house Roger and a couple of the big kangaroo’s wives.

“I rescued Roger as a tiny hairless baby kangaroo and named him Roger because his large ears made him look like Roger Rabbit,” Barns explained. “Now he looks like Roger Schwarznegger. I love him so much.”

The sanctuary is where Roger became the alpha male and grew to be adored by animals lovers around the world.

It was that trick with the bucket that launched him into international fame — and now an outpouring of sadness.

The sanctuary took this image just days before Roger died.

Roger knew who was boss.

And, it was him.

Forget trying to get passed this guy. The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs/Facebook

You did not want to mess with this kangaroo.

This is “gorgeous and handsome Roger when he was alpha (boss of the sanctuary) a few years ago. The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs/Facebook

He was enormous, really.

The physique of an Olympic wrestler.

Roger died of old age after living what the sanctuary called “a lovely long life.”

And it’s at the sanctuary where he remains.

“We’ve laid him to rest out here so he can be with his family,” Barns said.

Photos The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs/Facebook

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