Room Rater gives Oval Office 10/10 due to first dogs featuring prominently

It’s tough to critique the Oval Office.

Well, the occupant from time to time depending on your point of view, but we’re talking about assessing the decor. And, even the most powerful office in the world is a workspace that could use some freshening up.

Like, say, by adding some pets.

Just like President Joe Biden did when he and his wife, Jill, moved into the White House bringing along their pet dogs.

Room Rater, the Twitter account which rates backdrops for the Skype/Zoom/Facetime/Google Meet broadcast era, sat up and definitely took notice.

It devotes special attention to “Fluffy Rooms.” And, Monday night it called Major and Champ Biden flanking President Biden in the Oval Office a perfect 10.

“This seems wonderfully surreal after the last 4 years,” Room Rater tweeted.

For the record, Room Rater tends to give 10/10 to every room featuring a pet.

And we’re 100 per cent onboard with it.

It rates dog rooms.

So many dogs in rooms.

And, cats.

But also bunnies.

And occasionally, the rare cat-fish combo.

While most folks just want the pandemic to be over and get back to work-work, the continuation of Fluffy Rooms is a trend we can all really get behind.

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