Rosy the horse accidentally painted pink as wildfires rage in British Columbia

As wildfires in British Columbia spread forcing nearly 15,000 people to flee from their homes, one family in the small town of Likely is spreading some joy with their pink horse.

The appropriately-named equine Rosy was accidentally painted pink after Cindy Roddick told her son (yes, a teenager) to help out and Jacob instead decided to spray paint the horse.

Roddick asked Jacob to write the family’s phone number on their two horses on their hobby farm in Likely. This was in case the family had to let the horses go free if the fire got close to their home.

.Instead Jacob thought his mom said to paint the horse so she could be found. He sprayed Rosy with a non-toxic paint that was a bright hue.

What the hell happened to my horse?” Cindy recalls saying. “Just bright pink. Bright. Oh my God.”

Jacob thought his mom wanted the horse to be visible in the bush.

I thought she told me to just spray paint the entire horse to make it visible, so that way, if we had to let them go, people could find them,” he said.

Jacob says Rosy doesn’t mind standing out.

“She’s old so she doesn’t really give a (care) about anything anymore other than just eating,” Jacob laughed. “She’s a very expensive lawn ornament.”

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