Royal Canadian Mounted Police to stop wearing fur hats

The Canadian Mounted Police has been under pressure for years from anti-fur activists to stop wearing fur hats.

It’s as much a part of their uniform as the red serge and their non-winter hats.

The muskrat hats worn by the RCMP since the national force’s beginnings. It’s long held the belief that the fur must be worn for the health and safety of its officers.

Five years ago, Superintendent Guy Rochette, director of uniform and equipment program for the RCMP said the use of fur remains important as part of the officers’ uniforms.

I can assure you that the RCMP is well aware of public opinion on the use of fur and is taking this into serious consideration. (But) At the end of the day, the health and safety requirements of our members remains our number one priority – and there will be no compromise.”

Each year in Canada, over 3 million fur-bearing animals are killed and skinned for fashion and bits of trim, according to the Association for the Protection of  Fur-Bearing animals.

Anti-trapping advocates have now won a victory. After decades of pressure, the RCMP just announced they will replace their cold-weather muskrat fur hats with something non-furry.

Starting this winter, RCMP officers will wear a toque made of merino wool rather than their traditional winter hats.

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