Royal Engagement: Meghan Markle’s dogs decamp for her life with Prince Harry

Even before the royal engagement was officially announced, Bogart and Guy were getting readiy for a new life.

Royal watchers will soon be familiar with Meghan Markle’s other beloveds: Bogart, a Labrador-shepherd, and Guy, a beagle, which are both rescue dogs. In the couple’s first interview, Markle confirmed one is already in the UK and the other is currently with a close friend.

She lovingly called them her “rescue pups.”

Markle of course, is the American actress who will soon be a princess upon news that Prince Harry has indeed proposed.

And now, the dogs are part of the Royal Family.

My loves #adoptdontshop #happysunday

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Looks like Guy is ready for life in the UK, seen here sporting a Union Jack jumper.

Markle is not only an animal lover, but an advocate for pet adoption.

In fact, it was talk show host Ellen DeGeneres who first convinced Markle to adopt Bogart.

They ran into each other at an animal shelter.

“She turns around and comes and taps on the window glass and she yells ‘Take the dog!’ And so I brought him home. Because Ellen told me to,” Markle recalled.

Her pups are frequently photographed with the Suits actress.

And go with her on vacation.

For a while it was just Markle and Bogart. She adopted Guy in 2015.

She calls them, “My boys.”

Oh, my boys. This pic says it all. Bogart & Guy. 😂 #adoptdontshop #thelookonbogartsface

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Best of luck Bogart and Guy.

Bogart is remaining with friends in Toronto, where the actress last lived while shooting, Suits, and Guy is already lapping it up in the UK, according to the Telegraph.

Here’s looking at you, kids.

Happy Sunday 💕 #adoptdontshop

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Oh, for those who somehow missed it.

Here’s the official announcement from the Prince of Wales.

And here they are in their first official royal engagement: Meet the press.


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