Rural police in Manitoba dig, dig, dig and dig some more to rescue puppies

When officers at the Rivers Police Service were called to a rural property for an unrelated call Monday, they were’t expecting they would be asked to do an underground extraction.

But a mama dog had buried her puppies deep in series of underground tunnels on the property in the community about 225 kilometres west of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The officers were told by the owner that one of the puppies had emerged from the tunnel on her own and seemed dehydrated.

The owner knew other puppies were in there. So three officers in the community of about 1,250 people took shovels and other equipment and began digging. It took the three of them at least two hours to dig the puppies out of their den which was more than a metre below ground.

The tunnels covered about three metres.

All five puppies have now been taken to the vet and check out before heading to foster homes.

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