Russell Crowe saves the life of injured kookaburra

Actor Russell Crowe has donated an unknown sum of money to Australia Zoo to help save the life of an injured bird after it swallowed a small fishing hook.

The kookaburra, name Archie, was taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital where the Wildlife Warriors tweeted out about its plight. The Twitter account was started in 2002 by Terri Irwin and her late husband Steve Irwin.

The Twitter account encourages people to support and protect injured and endangered animals.

“Archie the kookaburra had swallowed a fishing hook when he arrived at the #AustraliaZoo Wildlife Hospital. An endoscope was used to locate the hook, following which it was safely removed using a protective sleeve. Thankfully, Archie recovered and he has returned back to the wild. (sic)”

It was Terri Irwin who revealed it was family friend Russell Crowe who donated the money for an endoscopy that allowed the vets to remove the fish hook.

Thank you @russellcrowe for donating the funds to purchase this life-saving endoscope. Archie really appreciated it!

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