“Salmon cannons” are genius transport tubes to help fish get around

Sometimes fish need a leg, or rather, fin up. 

That’s where Seattle-based Whooshh Innovations comes in to deliver a “fish transport system” to help fish swim against the stream — and over things that are getting in their way. Think of it as a roller coaster turned “salmon cannon” for the scaly set.

“It moves fish through a flexible, pressurized tube, safely transporting them from one area to another,” World of Engineering trumpeted over Twitter. “This solves a major problem for migratory fish like salmon.”

The organization’s recent tweet has gone viral.

Whooshh has patented some cool tech to do the trick.

“Whooshh transports fish over dams, around hatcheries, and sorts for invasive species,” the company explains.

And all if it started eight years ago after the company’s CEO watched some salmon being moved in buckets by helicopter over a dam.

The company says it’s a better way to help fish get around than fish ladders.

It is pretty incredible and has far-reaching implications.

Fish are a much-needed food source for people and animals in the water and on land.

It’s also a way to help deal with climate change.

“Whooshh Innovations enables native fish populations to recover while simultaneously making up to 10% more water available for hydropower or agriculture,” the company explains. “If climate change is to be tackled head on, we need hydropower to reduce COemissions and we also need fish and agriculture to help feed the planet.”

And cope with natural disasters that may impact spawning fish.

People far and wide are wowed by the contraption.

Innovation that’s good for the planet.

Photo Whooshh Innovations

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