Sam Neill couldn’t be more proud of his duck

Sam Neill is probably best know for his lead role in Jurassic Park.

But the New Zealand-based actor is also the proprietor of Two Paddocks vineyards. It’s also where a number of critters call home.

So when he’s not talking about wine, Neill’s fawning over his animals.

Like his duck Charlie, who recently racked up a first.

And and then a second.

“Charlie hasn’t flown for years as far as I can tell. But two flights in one weekend. I couldn’t be more proud,” Neill says, and seals it with a kiss atop the bird’s head.

Some people seemed confused by the fatherly pride.

So Neill shot back about his flying duck.

“Wild ducks fly around here every day,” he posted on social media. “But Charlie last flew 6 years ago far as I know. He walks and swims. With me. So yes- a surprise. Ok ?”

They really are birds of a feather.

Oh, and while they’re not exactly dinosaurs, here are some of Neill’s other critter companions.

Main photo SamNeillTheProp/Instagram

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