Sanctuary rescues “odd cats” and gives them a second chance at life

Everybody thinks their pet is unique.

But animals that truly are different sometimes have trouble finding homes.

That’s why Tara Kay created the The Odd Cat Sanctuary in 2015.

The mission of the Odd Cat Sanctuary is to help odd cats who have no place to turn,” she writes. “This may be a result of medical illnesses, behavioral issues, being physically challenged, abandoned, abused, or neglected, feral or semi-feral, death row inmates, or seniors.”   

The Salem, Massachusetts-based facility is a non-profit that really sees different as a way to give certain cats a shot at a new life.

“Cats that otherwise don’t have a chance,” the sanctuary explains.

Odd cats, like Memphis, who has two noses.

Ones like Maya, with a chromosomal abnormality.

Or cats that are just simply elderly, like Shakespeare.

But people are answering the call.

Shakespeare, too, found a forever home.

Maya also has a fur-ever home.

“We adopted her from Odd Cat Sanctuary,” her owner, Lauren Beader wrote on Facebook. “They saved her from being euthanized because no one wanted to adopt her. (But we did!) Maya has a chromosomal abnormality, but she’s just like any other cat.”

Also, extra adorable.

The two-nosed cat Memphis, however, is still looking.

But based on his Instagram page, someone will scoop him up soon.

Because who couldn’t love this face?

Who me? Couldn’t be…. 💙 Memphis

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