Seagull photobombs lobster roll moment in most amazing way

This is the evolution of a modern day entrepreneur.

Seagull steals woman’s lobster roll.

Woman takes photo of airborne heist.

Image goes viral.

Woman sells swag related to said image. (A portion of the proceeds goes to the American Bird Conservancy, so don’t be so quick to judge.)

Mugs. T-shirts. Beach towels. Because. The internet.

And, who can blame Alicia Jessop, a sports law professor at Pepperdine University, who while on a work-related trip in Vermont on June 10 dashed off to Maine to check lobster roll off her bucket list.

“I stopped at the picturesque Nubble Light House and spotted a restaurant adjacent where I could order a lobster roll to-go,” she blogged later.

Then, $21.50 later she wanted to post an Instagram-worthy food photo.

Because. The internet.

A perfectly, inadvertently, timed shot.

“I literally was snapping the pic as this happened,” she told followers on Twitter. “I had no clue he was headed my way, because I was trying to get the correct angle with the lighthouse. Then the jerk swooped in on me and snatched my lobster roll!”

One tweet later. Voila. Internet-famous.

A gazillion shares and likes. Media coverage from all over. And now, a “seagull stole my lobster roll” business.

And, don’t worry. She did finally get her lobster roll.

Photo Alicia Jessop/Twitter

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