Seal vs octopus: Onlookers win

Residents in Victoria, B.C. witnessed an amazing show of survival of the fittest this week as a harbour seal took on an octopus. And, the rest of us are lucky enough catch a glimpse of this stunning wildlife wrestling match thanks to a hobby photographer who was out for a stroll.


Bob Ianson walking with his family along the Ogden Point breakwater on the holiday Monday when they saw the seal doing battle with an octopus.


“It was incredible,” Ianson told the Victoria Times Colonist. “It looked like he was bringing it up to show it off.”


He said seal kept pushing the octopus to the surface.


And, the eight-legged critter appeared to have given up.


Ianson posted the photos on Facebook where his daughter, Jenn Ianson, wrote about the outcome after their walk.

“The seal was the winner. He got some good chunks”


Ianson later told media about the lucky day and having his camera on hand.


“I’ve never seen anything like it. I guess we were in the right place at the right time,” he told the Times Colonist.


h/t Victoria Times Colonist Photos Bob Ianson/Facebook


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