#SeaOtterTweetOff is happening and it’s amazing

Thank you Georgia Aquarium for getting the ball rolling.

Or rather, floating.

It’s a no holds barred #SeaOtterTweetOff.

And it’s the best thing on the internet.

The Vancouver Aquarium was not going to stand by idly.

The Oregon Zoo told them both to sort of kiss off, as it were.

Then East Coast challenged West Coast.

So, Monterey Bay joined in.

The Midwest was also quick to represent.

Oregon grabbed the ball and ran, or rather, swam with it.

Then boom! Seattle responded to New York.

All of it deserves some serious applause.

Because. Sea otter awesomeness.

The timing is perfect, really.

It’s the best.

And river otters weren’t to be missed.

Just try to keep up.

This could go on for a while.

Because what could be better to end a Monday?

Sea otters: Please take a bow.

Main photo Oregon Coast Aquarium/Twitter

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