Second person in three days gored by bison in Yellowstone National Park

A 71-year-old woman from Pennsylvania was charged and attacked by a bull bison in Yellowstone National Park after she “inadvertently approached” the wild animal.

The goring incident, the second in three days, occurred near Storm Point at Yellowstone Lake on June 29, according to officials.

“The woman and her daughter inadvertently approached the bison as they were returning to their vehicle at the trailhead, causing the bull bison to charge,” the park said in a statement June 30.

The woman suffering non-life-threatening injuries, but was taken by ambulance to West Park Hospital in Cody, Wyoming for assessment.

This incident remains under investigation.

This is the third reported bison attack this year.

On May 30, a woman approached a bison near a boardwalk at Black Sand Basin, and then on June 27, a man approached a bison near a boardwalk at Giant Geyser.

Park officials are once again reminding visitors to the world-famous park to stay at least 23 metres (25 yards) away from bison.

“Approaching bison threatens them and they may respond by bluff charging, head bobbing, pawing, bellowing, or snorting,” the park explained. “These are warning signs that you are too close and that a charge is imminent.”

It also means visitors should not stand their ground.

“Immediately walk or run away from the animal. Spray bear spray as you are moving away if the animal follows you,” officials added.

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