Same-sex vulture dads adopt abandoned egg, hatch chick at Amsterdam zoo

Call it two dads and a little baby — vulture edition.

Two male griffon vultures, who have been together for years, have hatched an egg at the Artis Amsterdam Royal Zoo.

The Dutch zoo said keepers found an egg abandoned on the floor of vulture aviary, so they scooped it up and placed it in an incubator. Meanwhile, the gay couple had built a nest on the rock. Zookeepers figured they’d see if the birds would take it in.

And, they did.

The couple even shared the work by taking turns sitting on the egg until it hatched, the zoo explained Wednesday. They’re now splitting duties feeding the young chick regurgitated food.

The phenomenon isn’t that unusual.

“This is not uncommon in the animal kingdom: there are regular homosexual couples, especially among birds,” the zoo added. “The two fathers have been good for the chick so far.”

But this is the first time gay birds have hatched an egg at the Dutch capital’s zoo.

People, naturally, are crowing about the amazing parenthood story.

h/t Toronto Star Photos ARTIS

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