“Shelter pets” declared the official state pet of Ohio

In Ohio it isn’t cats versus dogs.

Rather, it’s shelter pets of all kinds.

The state has named the “shelter pet” as the official pet of Ohio.

The gesture actually goes back a couple of years, but was officially codified last week and is gaining traction now.

It is outlined in House Bill 319, which passed 13-1 (though it’s not clear why Republican Bill Dean voted against the symbolic measure that costs absolutely nothing to state finances), and with Senate Bill 86, a sweeping bill which was enacted to mark special designations and declare historic sites throughout the site, includes an “official state pet” reference.

“A shelter pet is hereby designated as the official pet of the state to raise public awareness of shelter animals,” the legislation states.

“This will help raise public awareness for shelter animals & shelters throughout Ohio which are full of wonderful, family-ready pets,” the United States Humane Society tweeted.

Main photo SPCA Cincinnati/Twitter

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