Shock the Monkey: Primate saves electrocuted friend at Indian train station

So, a monkey walks along a high wire. But this is no joke. Instead, the punchline is punctuated heroic actions of another monkey.

A monkey was recently walking across some electrical wires high above a train station in Kanpur, India when he was electrocuted and fell unconscious to the tracks. That’s when another monkey came to the rescue and pulled the injured monkey to safety. But then it started biting, hitting and even dunking the other animal in water.

It all looks a bit gruesome, but the monkey does start showing signs of life. Meanwhile, passengers crowding the platform are taking photos and videos of the ordeal.

Finally, after about 20 minutes, a rather groggy looking monkey appears to be on the mend with his buddy by his side.

Photo babuchito HD/YouTube


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