Six dogs killed after explosion at campsite for Australian campers

Six dogs who were part of a hunting group were killed after an explosion at a campsite for a group of Queensland hunters.

The group also lost a convoy of cars, trailers and quad bikes belonging to a group of Queensland hunters.

The 12 hunters will leave the Territory with only the clothes on their backs after the campsite they set up 20km east of Pine Creek exploded as they fished in a billabong.

Police believe the fire started at 4.15pm within a gazebo and spread.

“Two nearby gas bottles vented, spewing flame in different directions and igniting a quad bike, which in turn ignited a vehicle,” a spokeswoman said.

“As the fire continued to spread, jerry cans of fuel exploded, spreading the fire further afield. With gusting winds the fire moved through the camp and out into surrounding bushland.”

The fire has since been extinguished.

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