Sloth celebrates her first big year and parties on at National Aviary

How does a sloth celebrate a birthday? Very slowly — and with cake, of course.

Vivien, a Linnaeus’s two-toed sloth residing at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh, hit the one-year milestone this week. Staff and visitors helped her ring in her first birthday with a vegetable cake adorned with sweet potato and a hibiscus flower.

And, you know, by just hanging out.

Vivien turned 1-year-old on Tuesday. Photo: National Aviary

Vivien turned 1 on Aug. 21, but she partied on Wednesday.

“Vivien had a remarkable first year filled with naps, vegetables, climbing, and visits with caring National Aviary guests,” the facility said in a statement.

She also has a very important job.

“She is an ambassador for her species, helping visitors to learn about sloths and other rainforest species and the importance of conserving rainforest habitats,” the aviary says.

Have cake, sloth will party. Photo: National Aviary

You know, when she’s not busy napping.

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