Slow and Steady? Two-toed sloth turns two-years-old at the National Aviary

How does a sloth celebrate a birthday?

It turns out: Pretty quickly by wolfing down a cake.

The National Aviary feted its beloved two-toed sloth, Valentino, who turned two-years-old on Oct. 31.┬áThat’s where the Halloween baby smashed a cake. (Don’t worry, it was made out of his favourite vegetables.)

“Valentino is an important ambassador for his species,” the Pittsburgh-based institute said. “He brings joy to visitors who meet him up-close during interactive sloth encounters, and he provides an opportunity for guests to learn about sloths and other rainforest creatures, and the importance of protecting their habitat.”

And so it’s also confirmed.

Valentino, at least, isn’t so slow.

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