Slowly pets are being reunited with their owners amid the California wildfires

The California wildfires are causing unimaginable heartache.

At least 42 people have been killed. Thousands of homes and businesses have burned. In the chaos to flee the flames, people have been separated from their pets.

Now, reunions are taking place, which is providing hope where once there was none.

The Sonoma County Animal Services is sharing some of those images.

Like the story of a woman named Michelle, whose cats jumped from the car window as she drove to safety.

“There was no time to search for them as the police had just arrived and told them to evacuate immediately,” the shelter wrote. “Heartbroken, and with many tears, Michelle and her parents fled to safety.”

After tireless searching, Tiger was found, He suffered minor injuries. The other cat, Panther, is still missing.

The tearful reunion will melt your heart.

While many animals still haven’t found their families.

These tales should give people hope – and a place to look for their pets.

Zorro became separated from his owners, too during the fires.

“They spent hours searching for him and a sleepless night. Then, after searching online, they saw him on our website – and came right over to pick him up,” animals services said.

Chaos, flames and loud noises can be terrifying for people and animals.

And emergency situations can lead to quick, tough decisions.

Like Beeker’s family, who hardly made it out of the wildfires alive after being forced to leave Beeker behind. The dog’s owner, Floren, saw photos of his dog posted online.

“We asked how Beeker survived and Floren got tears in his eyes,” animal services wrote on Facebook. “‘I have no idea how he made it.'”

“We fell in love with this precious boy who miraculously survived,” the shelter said. “And what a sweet reunion it was!”

Photo Sonoma County Animal Services/Facebook


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