Sly foxes steal toys from blind dog — and it’s all caught on video

A Texas family couldn’t figure out why their dog toys kept vanishing.

That was until their checked their doorbell camera and found a pair of furry thieves on their front porch.

“You can see that each fox in the video steals a squeaky toy,” House posted on the Georgetown, Texas Facebook group the other day. “Well, they stole our most precious dog toy!”

That’s right, a pair of sly foxes caught red-pawed pinching dear Pi’s squeaky toys — one particularly important squeaky toy.

“That probably seems ridiculous but our dog is blind and mostly deaf and he keeps active by playing with one specific toy he likes,” House wrote, pleading for anyone who might spot the pilfered item.

Foxes are known for being pretty clever.

“So, if you happen to see this dolphin around town that the fox dropped or have one, could you let me know? Our dog would love to have it (and we won’t leave it outside at night! 

This is the dolphin in question toying with Pi.

But at least the mystery is solved.

“Grahm and I finally figured out what was happening to Pi’s dog toys in Texas,” House wrote. “FOXES! Look closely when each fox runs off the porch, they both snagged a toy. You can hear them squeaking them at the end of the video.”

The squeaking is pretty awesome.

Photos Laura House/Facebook

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