Snake coughs up tennis ball after delicate – and super weird – massage

One hungry snake is one lucky fella after mistaking a tennis ball for food.

The folks at Townsville Snakehandler in Queensland, Australia recently saved a 1.5 metre-long carpet python, which was found in a yard with a peculiar bulge.

Trish Pendergast at the Townsville Veterinary Clinic stepped in and helped save the snake, humbly calling it, “Just another day in the office”

An x-ray showing the swallowed tennis ball inside a snake. Snakehandler/Facebook

“This snake decided to lunch on the wrong thing!” Snakehandler posted on Facebook along with some incredible photos and a jaw-dropping video. Literally.

“Luckily the home owners noticed this guys unusually round lump and called a snake catcher. The snake was brought to Trish for investigation. X-rays were taken at Townsville Vet Clinic and we decided that it hadn’t been down long so we could help him bring it back up! Trish manipulated the snake for over 20minutes to remove the ball. The snake will have some RnR for a few days and fed a normal food item and then be released back to the wild!”

Don’t worry, the snake will be alright. It successfully fed and will be released next week.

h/t The Guardian Photos Townsville Snakehandler/Facebook

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