Snake in Emirates flight delayed after Samuel L. Jackson makes appearance in Dubai

In 2006, the movie Snake on a Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson started people thinking about what might happened if a snake was actually found slithering around.

A real life snake drama occurred earlier this week after staff at the Emirates Flight EK0863 from Muscat, Oman to Dubai found a snake.

The flight had to be cancelled.

Coincidentally, Jackson was just in Dubai for a film festival. 

Critterfiles wrote a few months ago of an AeroMexico flight that freaked out passengers after a snake was seen slithering out of the overhead compartment.

Staff found the reptile in the cargo hold before passengers boarded the grounded flight, an Emirates spokesperson said.

Emirates can confirm that flight EK0863 from Muscat to Dubai on January 8, 2017, was cancelled due to a detection of a snake in the cargo hold prior to passengers boarding,” they said.

The airline said engineering and cleaning crews are working to clear the aircraft to re-enter service and apologized for the serpentine inconvenience.


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