Snake slides out from under truck hood scares the dickens out of two Texans

Call it the strange case of a snake on a truck.

Swade Moyers and Zakary Wyatt got one heck of a fright during a Monday afternoon drive.

The men were travelling west of Lubbock when a snake poked its head out from under the hood of the pickup they were riding in. The creature then slithered on top as they continued to drive. They even had the wherewithal to record the bizarre encounter.

“Omigosh,” one man is heard saying. “What the hell?”

And, the yelling continued.

“Go, go, go, go,” a man says. “Get out of here!”

They even pulled over, hoping it would slink away.  But nope, the snake held on tight.

Moyers posted the video to Facebook, where naturally, it has gone viral.

“So today me and Zakary were driving to Levelland to check on a project and we found out we had a friend under the hood!” he wrote. “#snakeonatruck #ihatesnakes #iamabiggirl #zakisabiggergirl”

Experts figure it’s a bullsnake.

They can reach up to 5-feet long and are non-venomous. Still, you wouldn’t want to provoke them or risk a bite.

Bull snake slithers on hood of a truck in Texas. Swade Moyers/Facebook

Don’t worry. The snake finally did make a great escape.

“It did finally get off ok,” Moyers updated. “And I didn’t have to get out of the truck!”

And the men, are now enjoying their 15 minutes of fame. Moyers is just in awe, writing:

“Between all the videos online we are at over 3 million views!!!!!! We’ve made the news cast in many city’s including Dallas, Columbus Georgia, Lubbock and many more I probably don’t even know about. We even made it on the Today Show Early Edition. We’ve been shared over 10,000 times! It’s been a crazy 36 hours! #snakesonatruck”

Photos Swade Moyers/Facebook

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