Snap! Alligator bites arm of trainer in Texas during demonstration

The snap of the alligator’s jaw is clearly heard and then horrified gasps.

In Texas, an alligator bit the arm of a trainer during a demonstration at the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival Saturday in Old Town Spring in Tex.

The video shot by Monique Gongora, who was one of about a 100 spectators in the crowd, shows the moments before the alligator snapped.

The trainer who is fine was a worker at an alligator rescue/tour site called Gator Country in Beaumont, Texas.

Owner Gary Saurage said in an interview published on ABC13’s website that the trainer wasn’t seriously hurt.

“He didn’t even get one stitch…But I guarantee this: he’s sore this morning. He won’t make this mistake again.”

Saurage says the alligator bit the trainer because of miscommunication.

“They didn’t talk to each other right. The guy in front says, ‘Are you ready?’ The guy in back thought he said, ‘Go.’ We’re humans and what we do is get complacent sometimes..


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