Sniff, sniff: Beloved drug dog retires

After seven years of sniffing out everything from ecstasy to cocaine and marijuana in Alberta’s jails, Chazz the Correctional Service drug dog is retiring. Chazz began duties with Alberta Corrections in 2007 as a 2-year-old pooch with an incredible sense of smell. The dog’s recruitment that year made headlines – “Lab has golden touch with drugs.”  It meant provincial corrections facility would no longer have to rely on city police and RCMP sniffer dogs to help clean the big house.

“Now he is retiring from the team, because although he still has the drive to carry out his duties, he simply does not have the same stamina as in his glory days,”  the provincial government noted recently on the Alberta Safe Communities Facebook page. “He is now going to lead a regular dog’s life, spending his well-deserved retirement chasing his ball and relaxing in the sun.”

Well wishes quickly poured in for the pup. Many from those who worked with the dog; others wishing him a retirement replete with kibble.

“I was glad I got to meet Chazz in Red Deer during Corrections Week,” Debbie Anderson wrote on Facebook. “He had a great sense of duty and professionalism. Another great career in Corrections!”

Photo Alberta Safe Communities/Facebook

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