Spike the Beetle takes art world by storm. Yes, beetle, as in insect.

We’ve seen monkeys paint. Even elephants. But is this beetle the new star of the art world?

Meet Spike the Beetle.

The stag beetle is an artiste, of sorts.

He made this.

Spike the stag beetle is making drawings in Japan. @SpikeTheBeetle/Twitter

Seriously. Look at this.

He’s only been on Twitter for a few days, and already amassed almost 20,000 followers. Just a few thousand on Instagram, so far.

And, little wonder. Because, this.

Spike is 6-months-old and lives with his owner in Japan.

Here’s everything else you’d ever want to know about him.

And he’s — understandably — a little full of himself.

But heck, when you’re a beetle and can do this, you get a pass on the snobbery.

Can’t. Stop. Watching.

Keep an eye on this little fella.

(Though, it’s tough to look away.)

deep in thought. #spikethebeetle #stagbeetle #beetle

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And don’t say anyone can draw this. Because, well, beetle.

pride. #stagbeetle #beetle #spikethebeetle

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