Spray painted dogs in Istanbul painted themselves after rollicking in abandoned factory

Outraged animal rights activists can stand down.

Drunken boat owners aren’t to blame for spray painting dogs in Istanbul. It turns out the dogs spray painted themselves.

There was concerns from dog lovers in Istanbul after photographs emerged of dogs that had been spray painted a variety of colours.

One of the speculation was that boat owners in the area got tipsy and went around painting stray dogs. The dogs appear to be mixed breeds and unharmed by the paint job.

Spray Painting Strays it turns out is not the new Cow Tipping.

But as the Daily Sabah reports, the outrage sparked by the photograph of the painted dogs led to workers finding out what really happened.

Municipal workers were sent to the city’s Küçükçekmece district and found the old factory with abandoned paint inside.

The conclusion: the dogs were rollicking inside and painted themselves.

Another conclusion: they had a great time doing it.

h/t: Daily Sabah 

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