Cat video festival at St. Louis Art Museum

St. Louis’ Contemporary Art Museum will be showing the contest winner of its Internet Cat Video submission this week capping off its Internet Cat Video Festival.

An international community of cat video enthusiasts have been watching the submissions via Instagram or Vine with the hashtage #catvidfest and #camstl.

Submissions had to be under 1 minute long and the winner will be screened this Friday.

That’s when cat and cat video lovers will gather together to party at the Walker Art Center. As organizers say:

It isn’t about watching cat videos, it’s about watching cat videos together.

If you’re going, put on your best cat costume and head out there and send us back a report.

Other activities include:

Artist-led activities, including crafting upcycled cat toys with Perennial

“Make Your Own Cat Ears” booth

Cat Video Festival items for sale

CatFeats, cat-inspired apparel and goods

Why are we not surprise? The festival’s sponsor is Purina.

The first Internet Cat Video (according to our research) was in Minnesota. Since then, there’s been major cat video festivals in North America and last month’s festival in Edmonton raised $9,000 for the Humane Society.

It’s understandable why these festivals are growing in popularity. Why watch hilarious cat videos home alone on your computer while you can join hundreds of other like-minded people and chuckle all together at the antics of cats.




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