Standing Rock pipeline protest provide vivid images of indigenous plight

A photographer, who goes by the name Redhawk, has taken an epic image of the battle raging over the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota.

Redhawk posted the image to the Standing Rock Rising Facebook page of a broken down horse and a lone indigenous rider standing against of sea of military personnel and vehicles over the construction of a pipeline which would carry oil near the Standing Rock Sioux reservation.

The protests have been happening on the ground since spring, and have been gaining a massive following online and around the world.

The emaciated, old war horse photograph has been shared tens of thousands of times in just a few days. It may prove to be the iconic image of the dispute pitting first nations against big oil.

Redhawk/Standing Rock Rising
Redhawk/Standing Rock Rising

“Apparently my photo below has gone viral. So happy to see the civil and human rights violations of indigenous and the threat to mother nature reaching far and wide,” Redhawk wrote. “…WE ARE RISING.”

But who is Redhawk, who has been posting incredible images to the Facebook page?

Redhawk/Standing Rock Rising

Nobody really knows.

Redhawk/Standing Rock Rising

“Just so everyone is aware, I am the only photographer on this page, and this page is my point of view. I do not speak for anyone else,” Redhawk wrote Sunday. “All photos on this page are shot by me, unless noted otherwise. I came to help stop a pipeline, not boost my personal career. That is why I use my codename, and not my real name.”

Photo Redhawk/Standing Rock Rising/Facebook 

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