In Star Wars, Chewbacca rules, among alpacas, they look up to Chewpaca

It will only take a few Instagram posts on Chewpaca, before you’re hooked and begin plotting how to get your own alpaca.

Chewpaca is owned by Matt who was 13 when he asked for an alpaca for Christmas. Since then, the posts of the lounging, happy alpaca has made the critter an Internet sensation with nearly 195,000 followers.

Chewpaca’s popularity has even spawned other alpacas Instagram accounts. There’s Chewy: the alpaca and Chewythealpaca¬†

Chewpaca, the original, has a great life.

Sunset walks on the beaches near Adelaide, Australia.

Apparently he can walk himself #independentalpaca #chewythealpaca #alpacasofinstagram

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Lounging in the backyard.

Throwback to pre haircut #alpacasofinstagram #chewythealpaca

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Hanging out in his very own personal photo booth

Wrong side chewy… 😂💩 #alpacasofinstagram #alpaca #funny #animals #cute #chewythealpaca

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and going for a jaunt on the skateboard

New way to “walk” Chewy #alpacasofinstagram #skateboard #alpaca #chewythealpaca

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