Starving dog found in cellar of abandoned house in Alberta

Exactly how and when it got there isn’t clear, but one thing is certain:  This is one very lucky dog.

Mounties and animal welfare workers helped rescue a starving dog from a derelict house in central Alberta on Monday.

The Saving Grace Animal Society posted about the remarkable rescue on Facebook.

The dog appeared to be starving when it was found Monday. Saving Grace Animal Society/Facebook

“The RCMP called us to assist with a very skinny dog, and a dog trapped in the cellar of an old abandoned house,” the Alix-based group wrote.

It was a pitiful sight, particularly on the provincial Family Day holiday.

It’s hard to say how long the dog had been trapped underground. Saving Grace Animal Society/Facebook

But it was a very special rescue for one of the pup’s heroes.

But was the last rescue, at least in this region, for RCMP Constable MacKenzie.

She’s moving on to a new deployment.

One happy officer with one very lucky doggo. Saving Grace Animal Society/Facebook

“She has advocated for hundreds of animals during her posting,” the animal shelter wrote. “And we will greatly miss working with her!! Please help us in thanking her for her service and wishing her the best of luck at her new detachment!!”

Photos Saving Grace Animal Society/Facebook

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