Still in Florida: Approaching alligator won’t rush golfer as he lines up his shot

Golfer Michael West was playing the 10th hole at Punta Gorda’s Heritage Landing when he saw an alligator approach.

But he refused to let the gator ruin his concentration.

West looked over his shoulder to see the 7-foot alligator on its way towards him, and continued to study the ball.

Laughter is heard as other golfers watch in disbelief.

“I was lining up my approach shot from about 125 out. I knew he was coming up diagonally behind me,” West told McClatchy News. “He got to about 15 feet before he laid down as I swung. … My buddy Grant was getting a little nervous and wanted me to hurry up. … I was far more worried about leaving myself a makeable birdie putt than him (the alligator).”

West hit a pitching wedge to within 8 feet of the flag, then surrendered the hole to the gator.

“He was very likely headed to the bigger lake across the fairway,” West said. “He was just going about his business. It was great. I get to have a dinosaur watch me play.”

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