Still no sign of baby donkey stolen from UK farm leaving mother braying in desperation

A week after baby Moon was stolen from Miller’s Ark farm in Hampshire, UK, there is still no sign of the donkey foal.

The tiny donkey was snatched from a field, leaving her mother, Astra, completely bereft and calling for her baby. The animal’s owner, Elizabeth Miller, is worried sick.

“We are completely devastated and incredibly concerned, she was only born at the beginning of March and needs to be with her Mum,” Miller’s Ark posted on Facebook announcing the bizarre theft May 15.

Astra and baby Moon. Photo: Miller’s Ark/Facebook

“This little donkey will be braying loudly tonight because she will be missing her mum badly. This is our chance to find her,” the farm said.

“Her Mother Astra has been distressed all night calling and looking for her foal,” it added.

Astra has been crying out for her baby. Photo: Miller’s Ark/Facebook

Seven days later, there’s still no trace of Moon.

The animal theft has been spreading across social media platforms and in media coverage.

A fundraiser has now been launched to get a “full security and surveillance system for this wonderful charity.” — and help find Moon.

Moon was born in March. Photo: Miller’s Ark/Facebook

“So far, she has yet to be found, but we hope that social/mainstream media, together with the powerhouse that is our shared animal loving determination, we will get her home,” organizer Jules Hamilton explained.

“In light of this appalling event, we urgently need to make sure the rest of the animals in the care of Elizabeth and her team are safe.”

It has almost reached its goal of £5,000.

Moon needs her blanket and hasn’t yet been weaned. Photo: Miller’s Ark/Facebook

Hampshire And Iow News, which is offering a reward in conjunction with a private donor of £10,000 for the safe return of Moon, according to Miller.

“We have been really touched by all the support shown to us,” Miller posted on Facebook.

“Thank you for all your messages, sorry we haven’t been able to individually reply to them all but we are so grateful for your kindness and support. As is our wonderful Astra who is missing her foal Moon…

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