Stray dogs attack and destroy car in Turkey baffling owner

Turkish mechanic Cem Acar returned to his car in the city of Sakarya surprised to find out his bumper had been torn off and his car mangled.

He called the police after assuming that someone had tried to steal his car.

It wasn’t until video surveillance emerged that Acar discovered the culprits: a pack of stray dogs.

I went home with another car after parking my car in front of my shop. I was shocked to see the damage when I returned in the morning. We thought the incident was a theft attempt and called the police. Later we watched the surveillance camera footage with the police and we saw eight stray dogs tearing the car’s bumper into pieces.”

At the beginning of the video, one or two dogs walk by but then something alerts one of the dogs to double back. Other dogs soon join in and began smelling the car with intense interest.

Acar thought a cat might have been the culprit suggesting that it may have have been hiding under the car.

But a close look at the surveillance video shows no obvious reasons why the dogs would have been so interested in the car.

(Our guess? A squirrel)

h/t: Hurriyet News

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