Street dog trapped in soccer net rescued in India

It’s not clear how long the street mutt had been stuck.

But he was tired, thin and covered with sores by the time Animal Aid Unlimited India arrived to free him from a tangle of ropes in an old soccer net.

They might have got there just in time.

“We got a call from a villager in a village outside of Udaipur that a street dog had somehow gotten himself completely tangled and stuck in a soccer net,” the organization explained. “The villagers wanted to help, but being afraid of dogs they didn’t know how to free him, so they called our helpline.”

As the strings were carefully cut, the dog’s tail began to wag.

A street dog is freed from a tangled mess in India. Animal Aid Unlimited/YouTube

And just like that he was free.

The group offered food, treatment for mange and lots and lots of love.

You can watch the entire heartwarming rescue here.

Photos Animal Aid Unlimited India/YouTube

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