Sumatran tiger cubs ring in the New Year with all kinds of cuteness at Dallas Zoo

The Dallas Zoo really knows how to celebrate a New Year.

The facility only recently announced the birth of two healthy cubs to Suki, one of its Sumatran tigers.

The cubs, one male and one female, were born to Dec. 6, each weighing just over 1 kilogram, but only made public in the final days of 2021. Neither of them have names yet.

“Unfortunately, Suki had milk production issues, similar to when she gave birth to Sumini,” the zoo explained. “We were prepared for this possibility and were able to act very quickly to intervene and ensure the cubs’ survival. Just like with Sumini, these cubs are receiving around-the-clock care from our incredible team of zoologists and veterinarians. Both cubs and mom are happy and healthy!Although hand raising is never our goal, this unique situation allows us the rare opportunity to introduce Sumini to her siblings once they are big enough.”

The proud father is 10-year-old, Kuasa, who is also Sumini’s pappa. That cub was born last August, which makes them all full siblings.

The arrangement will allow all three cubs to learn how to be tigers from other tigers.

Here are some baby photos of Sumini.

The timing couldn’t be better, according to the zoo.

“Sumini and her siblings will be able to stay together until they start maturing, just as a litter would in the wild,” the zoo said. “These introductions will be a slow, careful process that will start once the newest cubs get a bit bigger. Sumini has already seen the cubs from a distance and chuffed right away, which is a positive sign that she’s excited to be a big sister!”

Brother and sister tiger cubs were born at the Dallas Zoo Dec. 6. Photo: Dallas Zoo/Facebook

Meanwhile, as the zoo points out, here’s some cuteness to bring in 2022.

The aren’t even a month old, but they are already BFFs.

The zoo rang in the new year with an adorable photo of the adorable duo.

There are perhaps 400 to 600 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. The species is considered critically endangered.

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