Survivors of fatal tiger mauling at Beijing wildlife park seek compensation

CCTV cameras captured a horrifying attack last year where a woman was mauled to death by a tiger after leaving a car at a Beijing safari park.

It appeared that a woman left the car and when the tiger attacked her, the mother got out of the car and tried to help her. Officials later confirmed the mother died at the scene and the daughter was rushed to hospital with serious injuries.

The wordless video and commentary at the time suggested that the daughter left the car after an argument inside the vehicle.

The video, which was later released by mainland media, triggered heated discussions, as many criticised the family for ignoring warnings at Safari World that visitors must stay in their vehicles for safety reasons. Others said the park, located near Beijing, should be held responsible as it failed to provide full protection to its visitors.

In a phone interview, the daughter, who was only identified as Zhao said she left the car to help her husband a novice driver. That was why she left the passenger side and was walking to the driver’s side.

She said in an article that appeared in the South China Morning Post that she heard the horns from patrol cars as she walked to the driver’s door but it was too late, and she passed out after being dragged away by the tiger.
She said her husband sought help from a patrol car, but the staff had no equipment to subdue the tigers.

Authorities rule wildlife park not responsible for fatal tiger attack

Zhao suffered multiple injuries to her torso and face, and has a scar measuring more than 20cm on her face. The nerves of her face were also damaged, the report said.

The experience caused “irreversible” harm to the family, Zhao told the newspaper, and her three-year-old son, who was in the back seat, talks about the incident.

After an investigation, the Yanqing district government said the tourists should be held accountable as they failed to abide by rules and ignored warnings from the park authorities.

The family said that was unacceptable and is claiming compensation of 2 million yuan ($400,000 Cdn) which the park rejected. The sides are in negotiation, the park authority said.

The park has since reopened but the tiger enclosure remains closed.

h/t: SCMP


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