Table fights back in most amazing way after dog trashes bedroom

This dog found itself in a trapped tricky situation.

And the internet can’t help but laugh.

That, after Twitter user Maddie Bilheimer posted a six-second video with a single line description:

“Heard a big ass crash in my bedroom….”

Her dog with his head stuck in a table.

One sad dog. @mpbbbee/Twitter

One normally very good dog named Dierks caught hanging his head in shame.

Now of course, this pup’s a celebrity as the video has more than 9 million views.

And, don’t worry. He’s okay.

Bilheimer posted an update to Instagram.

“He’s thriving while eating his bone stuffed with peanut butter,” she wrote.

Too sleepy for autographs, maybe later?

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Photos @mpbbbee/Twitter

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