Tale of Two Beavers: Rescued beavers become fast friends

What’s better than one beaver?

Two beaver buddies, of course.

You may recall the adorable baby beaver lounging in a pool last summer. Well, that beaver kit has grown up quite a bit, and now has a companion.

“Caring for 2 beavers for nearly another year until they can return to the wild is a huge expense and undertaking, and we need your help,” the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation posted on Facebook. “By bonding together at our wildlife rehabilitation centre, they can now be stronger together both here and for life in the wild.”

Also, they are incredibly adorable.

But caring for them isn’t cheap.

AIWC has launched a crowdfunding campaign to help care for the beaver buddies. And within a day, the facility raised thousands of dollars.

Parents typically raise their young for two to three years before the kits naturally make their way on their own. Experts say young beavers in rehab need to similarly remain in care for that long to properly prepare for the return to the wild in the spring of 2018.

And so, the female baby beaver with an injured tail found last summer in Calgary is now being paired with a male beaver, which was found this past June in a city storm drain with deep bite wounds on his lower back. He’s about 2-years-old.

So far, they are getting along famously.

Way to go beaver buddies.

“We are happy to report that beaver introductions continue to go well,” the institute says. “The time they spend together is increasing each day and staff and volunteers are able to monitor them from a greater distance to give them more space to interact with each other.”

Did we mention super cute?

Photo Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

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