Taxi driver saves ducklings trapped in a storm drain

It was an especially happy Mother’s Day for one lucky duck.

All thanks to a cab driver in Calgary, Alberta who saved her brood that had fallen down a sewer grate.

“Zimary saw a frantic mama duck and he pulled over to investigate why she was so distraught. Turns out, 9 ducklings were trapped in a storm drain,” his taxi company, Checker Transportation Group, posted on YouTube.

At first, Zimary Rahad wasn’t sure why the duck was so upset.

Then he realized her ducklings were in the drain from their frantic peeps.

The duck even waddled over the hole where the ducklings fell, as her one remaining above-ground duckling followed behind.

Rahad asked a passerby to help pry the grate off.

Together, they reached down 1.5 metres to scoop up the wayward ducks one by one by one by one.

“So many of them,” Rahad said.

As the ducklings waddled away after their mother, he even paused to make sure a straggler caught up.

Photos The Checker Transportation Group Calgary YYC/YouTube

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