Terrifying huge German rats with inch long fangs on way to Britain

These scary rats have already overrun the German town of Halle terrifying residents.

Now they are on the verge of moving over to Ireland, just 700 miles away.

The river in Halle is already overrun with the rodents, known as coypu. They are originally from South America and known as water rats. They grow up to 42 inches long.

Their fangs are a stupefying inch long and for some reason are blood red in colour. Initially these plant-eating animals were bred to develop their fur. But several escaped from captivity. Their carcass are worth £5 . 

The coypu already have made their mark in Sweden where the rats have chewed through the walls in kitchen. They’re known for their hardiness and ability to survive in extreme temperatures.

The concerns are that the rats could make their way into Britain via a plane hold or truck.

h/t: Daily Mirror, Daily Star

Photo credit: Daily Mirror

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