Texas family terrorized by out-of-control 300-pound pig

A Texas family says that they were terrorized by a large pig this week and it kept coming back to repeatedly attack two generation terrorized by a “very large” pig this week — and it kept coming back.

Kingsland resident Wendy Goldstein said a black-and-white spotted pig attacked her parents and daughter Monday. The animal — which Goldstein estimated weighed 300 pounds — had somehow entered the house.

“My grandma’s being attacked by a random pig,” a child said in a 911 call during the incident. “Now my grandpa’s being attacked.”

The Texas mom explained the pig was foaming at the mouth and had barreled inside the house after attacking her daughter outside. 

The family says the pig was foaming at the mouth and had barreled inside their Texas home. 

“My mom tried to lay on top of him to crunch him down until the cops got here to get him, he overpowered her and got on top of her,” Goldstein explained. “He had her flattened like an accordion.”

Goldstein told FOX 7 that the owner of the pig approached her family while searching for the animal. She claimed that the pig’s owner threatened to shoot them if they harmed it.

“What does he expect us to do, to sit there and let his pig maul us?” she said.

The pig was shot with a nonlethal pepperball by animal control officials Monday, but it ran away. It approached the family again Tuesday.

“I’m standing inside my parents’ house with a hammer and knife trying to defend myself and defend my family at any cost. … My whole family’s scared, they feel like they’re prisoners in their own home,” Goldstein said.

Llano County Sheriff’s Office is actively investigating the incident. 

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