Texas man says he shot Bigfoot, will take corpse on tour

Rick Dyer’s previous Bigfoot braggadocio has been exposed as a hoax. His 2008 find proved to be nothing more than a rubber ape suit encased in ice. 
But that isn’t stopping the Texas hunter, self-described as the “Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World,” from claiming that he has now shot, killed and preserved the corpse of one real, formerly alive, 8-foot-tall, 4-foot-wide, Yeti. 
A photo of a troll-faced, white-haired beast that he supposedly snagged in September, 2012 is now posted on his Facebook page. A video purportedly showing a blurry, fleeting glimpse of the pre-dead Sasquatch is uploaded to YouTube. And, he plans on taking the body on a national tour, naturally for a price. Barnum and Bailey would no doubt have approved of this curio for the modern day.

Dyer says on Facebook that his claim has been verified by “DNA, MRI , Cat scan, 3D imager and much much more!” He has also shown the body to more than 130 people whom he describes now as “believers.” Dyer claims his catch is “100% real” and bemoaned those who are “so full of hate and doubt.”

And his story? If believed, it goes like this.

The encounter happened while he was on an expedition with a film crew near San Antonio. Armed with $200 worth of ribs purchased from Walmart, Dyer tacked the meat to a tree as bait. An “easy meal” for a hungry Bigfoot, he says on video.

During the 4-minute video, narrated by Dyer, he debates how he would react if face to face with the mythical creature and admits he has “never been so scared in my life.”
“When a real live monster is looking you dead in the face, you change,” he says. “You forget everything and you just want to go home.”
“That very night on Sept. 6, 2012, Bigfoot returned for another easy meal. I stepped out of my tent. I tracked him down. And, I killed him. And, sometimes I don’t feel so good about that, but it needed to be done.”

Now, before you go an question the authenticity of his claims, we’re left wondering, who are these horrible filmmakers Dyer hired? The cinematography is worse than the Blair Witch Project.


But we digress. Maybe we should just defer to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, which describes itself as the only scientific group dedicated to exploring the Sasquatch mystery. The organization was quick to chime in on Dyer’s alleged find.

“Hey Houston reporters,” the group wrote on Twitter. “Do your job. A wee bit of fact checking would reveal that Rick Dyer is a stupid desperate serial hoaxer …”

h/t Vancouver Province Photos Facebook, YouTube

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